Sunflower Seeds by Kripsy Kernels

Sunflower Seeds are natural powerhouses loaded with valuables for you body.

Originally from North America the sunflowers need a lot of water and sun. Like that they become large, healthy and nutritious. And only the largest seeds become snacks like Kripsy Kernels sunflower seeds while all the smaller ones are intended for sunflower oil production. Many valuable nutrients are making sunflower seeds a healthy and delicious snack for every occasion.

Kripsy Kernels sunflower seeds are not only a regular snack but also a healthy food. The positive influence on the human body is a big difference compared to other snacks. Many surveys have proven this fact and some even recommend sunflower seeds as a snack while watching TV because it is a constitutional snack and a great alternative. Sunflower seeds contain 90% polyunsaturated fatty acid and many valuable vitamins and mineral nutrients. Different from other snacks seeds have positive effect on your body instead of straining or even harming your body like other snacks actually do. The seed oil strengthens the cardiovascular system and the bones. The nutrients of sunflower seeds can even prevent gum bleeding and periodontosis. Imagine how great it would be if the same was true for chips, chocolate and ice cream - please wake up - it is not. Even medicine the valuable substances of sunflowers are used. There are teas and tinctures made out of sunflowers to cure and ease many different diseases.

The delicious sunflower seeds contain the following vitamins and minerals and so aid your well-being:

  • Calcium (has importance for the regulation of metabolism and developing of bones and teeth)
  • Iron (has great importance for haemoglobin which is needed to transport oxygen within the human body)
  • Magnesium (important for muscles and activation of enzymes)
  • Phosphorus (important for energy supply and bones)
  • Potassium (main substance of body cells and important for electrolyte balance within the body)
  • Zinc (important component of enzymes)
  • Vitamin C (one of the most important vitamins that supports development of bones and wound healing It can also intercept noxious substances within the body and absorb iron from vegetable food)
  • Vitamin B6 (importance for nervous system and immune system)
  • Vitamin B12 (supports lipo metabolism, protein metabolism and haematopoiesis)
  • Vitamin A (important for vision and renewal of skin)
  • Vitamin E (important for renewal of cells and immune system)

And, most important, sunflower seed taste sooooooo good!

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